About The Methadone Mêlée

The word Mêlée is defined as:

…disorganized close combat involving a group of fighters. A melee ensues when groups

become locked together in combat with no regard to group tactics or fighting as an organized unit; each participant fights as an individual”.

I think that sums up the current attitudes towards MMT (Methadone Maintenance Treatment) for opiate addiction fairly well these days. That’s the root of the problem. 

I began this blog as a way to bridge the gap- to help advocate for the education, regulation, and preservation of MMT for opiate addicts; as well as to provide a place for opiate addicts, their spouses, family, & friends- as well as those working in the field- to share their experiences and knowledge.

This is not a blog about lax MMT laws-  regulation of MMT needs to be in place in order to protect our rights to it, but we also want to see that physicians prescribing methadone for chronic pain also be held under the same regulations, as the vast majority of methadone overdoses are the result of the latter, and not the former. 

We’re not here to brainwash you; to convert the masses, or force you to “like” MMT. 

Nor are we here to tell you MMT is the only treatment that works: total abstinence from all chemicals should always be the goal, but that in some cases, the very real physiological and chemical changes long term opiate use causes in the brain make maintenance based therapy the only form that works for some.

We’re here to debunk the myths: to tell you that Methadone, when taken in therapeutic, stabilized doses, DOES NOT impair cognitive function, slow motor skills, or produce feelings of euphoria. That it doesn’t get you high, and it’s not a “legal” form of heroin. That it is not substituting one drug for another, and being on it does not mean we are junkies.

It is however, statistically, the most successful, and best studied form of treatment for opiate addiction.

We’re here to support those touched by the disease that is opiate addiction, and to protect our right to stay sober with MMT; as it has worked for us, when nothing else did.

We’re also here to learn from one another. To understand why our sons & daughters & sisters & brothers are unable to beat the heroin habit.

To encourage those who finally have.

To understand what our loved ones went through when we were using, and how to protect our future daughters and sisters and brothers and sons from falling victim to it.

It is time to stop fighting, and start talking. To listen, to understand, and to effect positive change. We’re here to better our understand of our own disease, and how MMT treats it- as well as to preserve it, and to regulate it, so that it isn’t abused.

If, after learning about MMT, you still don’t agree with it, that’s okay. We don’t expect everyone to understand. But we do believe, the only way to make an informed opinion, is to fully understand BOTH sides of the coin.

Many people have been led to believe that methadone is a deadly drug. What they fail to say is that ANY drug is deadly when it is abused.  A person abusing methadone, by taking more than they’re prescribed, by taking someone else’s that they bought, or by combining with alcohol and other drugs,is not a methadone maintenance patient. They are an addict, active in their addiction.  Taking methadone away from addicts who struggled for decades to remain clean unsuccessfully, who have finally found it with methadone is not the answer- because heroin is dangerous in anyone’s hands. 

So whatever brought you here today- if you are one of the millions who have found sobriety through MMT, get involved- get educated, get active in protecting your right to that sobriety. If you’ve known someone who is an opiate addict or are struggling with the addiction yourself,  read a bit of us.   Share your experiences, so that we might better understand where our own families and friends have been, and so we can begin to heal the past.

Most importantly, help us protect our rights to sobriety, and help us break the stigma and debunk the myths surrounding MMT.  Support education, regulation, and preservation- not the ban.


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